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Wolf CMS is a lightweight, fast, simple, yet powerful content management system. PHP-based, easily extendable; uses mySQL, SQLite 3, or PostgreSQL as db. Simple drag-drop page hierarchy. Open source, licensed under GPLv3.

Wolf Cms

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Kryn.cms Kryn.cms
Kryn.cms is a novel CMS(Content Management System), which simplifies the administration and handling of websites with its window based administration area. Kryn.cms provides a virtual desktop in your browser to allow you the editing of all your content. (No external software is required)

Iscripts Easycontents

Iscripts Easycontents Iscripts Easycontents
iScripts EasyContents is an open source CMS script .You can create your own websites instantly for you or your clients. It is very easy to set up and run.

Gpeasy Cms

Gpeasy Cms Gpeasy Cms
A Free and Easy CMS for Everyone. gp|Easy CMS is a complete and easy to use Content Management System. Written in PHP, it's free, open source and easy to use from the start.


Umbraco Umbraco
Umbraco - The open source ASP.NET CMS


Pyrocms Pyrocms
PyroCMS » The Content Management System built for you!


Magnolia Magnolia
Get Magnolia now! Choose Enterprise Edition if your business relies on Magnolia and you want to reduce the total cost of ownership compared to commercial alternatives. Or get the free Community Edition if you don't need the support and features only available for the Enterprise Edition.


Newscoop Newscoop
Sourcefabric | Newscoop


Plone Plone
Plone CMS: Open Source Content Management

Magnolia Cms

Magnolia Cms Magnolia Cms
Magnolia is a leading Enterprise Content Management System favored for its ease-of-use and availability under an Open Source license. Magnolia contains best-of-breed Java technology based on open standards to allow for tailor-made solutions. Enterprise-grade support and services are available by the vendor and partners world-wide.


Phpost Phpost
PHPost - Link Sharing System


Silverstripe Silverstripe
SilverStripe Ltd. in Wellington, New Zealand, creates innovative websites and applications that help our clients run their business. Our sites are built using our open-source SilverStripe content management system (CMS) and SilverStripe Framework.

Pixie Cms

Pixie Cms Pixie Cms
Pixie is a free, open source web application that will help you quickly create your own website. Many people refer to this type of software as a content management system (cms), we prefer to call it a small, simple, website maker. Download and try Pixie here.


Ruubikcms Ruubikcms
RuubikCMS is an open source website content management tool which is designed to be user-friendly for both the end-user and the webmaster.


Bricolage Bricolage
Bricolage CMS -- Open-source, enterprise-class content management.


Couchcms Couchcms
CouchCMS - A simple, light-weight and free CMS for web designers and front-end coders

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